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TLC House & Pet Sitting Service has been providing professional pet-sitting services to our clients in the East Valley for 20+ years.  We pride ourselves on providing love and quality care for all types of pets and peace of mind to their owners.  Our services include daily vacation sitters, overnight sitters, and dog walkers.  We are currently hiring pet sitters to join our team. 


We value the customer relationships that we form with our clients.  We are looking for customer-focused pet sitters interested in building long-term relationships with both owners and pets.

  • The desired candidates will be animal-loving, detail-oriented, responsible, mature adults with excellent communication skills.
  • Must be a minimum of 21 years of age
  • Experience:  Previous work in a veterinary clinic, shelter, rescue organization, pet store, or fostered pets. 
  • Sitters must live in our service areas.  See the service areas listed below.
  • Refer to the Independent Contractor Requirements section below.

A typical pet-sitting assignment includes the following tasks:  Going into a client's home to watch a pet while the client is at work or out of town.  Walking and feeding the pet.  Scooping cat boxes and administering medications both oral and injectable.  Assignments also include bringing in packages, watering plants, and rotating lights and blinds.


  • South Chandler (85249, 85248, 85286)


Pet sitters must be available to work regularly, including major holidays, and be able to make multiple visits per day to the client's home. Please note which type of service you are interested in providing. 

  • Must be able to commit to 1-3 visits per day between 6 am- 9 am, and 5 pm-8 pm on weekdays, weekends, and holidays. Mid-day visits: 11 AM-2 pm 
  • Daily vacation sitters:  1-4 visits per day between 6:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Overnight sitters:  Sleep at the client’s home from 7 pm – 7 am
  • Cat Sitters: visits per day between 6:00 am – 8:00 pm



             Candidates must meet the following list of requirements:

    • Animal handling experience around all types, sizes, and breeds of dogs and other pets. (Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, fish, etc.).
    • Have the physical ability to get down on the floor with the pets, walk them and exercise them.
    • Be able to follow instructions from the client and be detailed in your notes.
    • Be eligible to be bonded and insured for pet sitting.
    • Have excellent references and pass a background check.
    • Have excellent work ethics, courteous and professional.
    • Excellent organization skills and attention to detail
    • Be able to work independently with good time management skills.
    • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
    • Have your own insurance and reliable vehicle.
    • Have your own smart cell phone (preferably with a camera and unlimited texting and photo)
    • Must have access to the internet and computer with printer
    • Have your e-mail account (and reply daily).
    • Have the drive to market your potential clients in addition to TLC marketing.
    • Must be able to work Major Holidays.

    COMMISSION:  Paid per job - Hourly rate can start at $25

    •  30-minute visits start at $15.00+/per visit
    • 60 minutes visits start at $25 +/per visit
    • Overnight sitter: Start at $60+/per night ((sleep 8 hours))

    Sitters will build their client base (based on availability, experience, type of service, and location) to expect a more steady flow of work. All summer and holidays are the busiest time of year. You can start at about $200+ a month (based on your availability) and build up to $1500 +/per month, especially during major holidays and summer. But we are looking for eager and experienced sitters to work with us all year long.

    TO APPLY:  Fill out a form to become a pet sitter

    Please fill out the screening form completely,  and add your resume. Once you fill out the application, you are emailed a prescreening survey.  This is a part of our application process.  Please fill out our prescreen survey as well.  If you follow all of our directions and meet our qualifications, we will be in touch.

    PLEASE NOTE: Must be of legal age to sign contracts. 

    Children are not permitted to accompany sitters on any visits.

    Please DO NOT APPLY if:

    • You are relying on this as your only source of income.  This is for supplemental income only!
    • We are looking for sitters who can commit to working for at least one year.


    Thank you for your interest in being a pet sitter for TLC!

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