Part Time Dog School Enrichment Counselor
Orchard Park, NY
Part Time

Part Time Dog School Enrichment Counselor
Do you have a passion for animals and a love for working with dogs? Do you have a force free, positive mindset when it comes to training? Are you independent, self-motivated, and driven to learn new things? We are looking for people like you to add to our growing team!

The Dog School Enrichment Counselor is responsible for the supervision, control, management, and activities of Dog School dogs participating in enrichment activities and ensuring the safety of the dogs. The counselor will ensure the appropriate and safe use of all enrichment equipment and obstacles. Additionally, the counselor is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the playrooms, enrichment rooms, dog room, outside area, and equipment as well as other areas of the facility as assigned. The Dog School Enrichment Counselor works under the supervision of and reports to the Dog School Manager. Previous animal experience is preferred but not required! We are willing to train the right person. 

Primary Duties 

  1. Dog Enrichment & Management

    • Prepare enrichment supplies, equipment, and rooms for daily activities as planned by Dog School Manager.

    • Execute scheduled enrichment activities as assigned and document enrichment session progress and results for each dog for preparation of report cards.

    • Clean enrichment equipment and rooms.

    • Provide potty breaks and exercise for dogs as assigned and ensure that potty area and room areas are clean at end of assignment.

    • Provide care (brushing, medications, etc) or potty breaks to dogs as assigned.

    • Maintain each pet’s crate/area to ensure that the dog has water and the room is clean and dry.

    • Review information on whiteboard(s) in dog room and in playroom before start of shift and comply with instructions. Review dog profile of any dog you do not know prior to starting shift.

  2. Dog Interaction (with Dog School Manager or Level 2 Enrichment Coordinator)

    • Interact with dogs in playgroups using appropriate toys and tools to ensure safe levels of play and minimizing stress levels of all dogs in playgroup. Maintain visual observation of dogs at all times and spread attention and play among all dogs in playgroup.

    • Control level of play by following dog management and control procedures and instructions provided by Dog School Manager.

    • Use proper dog handling techniques including use of kennel leads to transfer dogs.

    • Use proper dog introduction procedures.

    • Use appropriate praise and dog redirection methods.

  3. Miscellaneous

    • Take pictures of dogs and put on social media as instructed by Dog School Manager or Level 2 Enrichment Coordinator.

    • Assist with Check In & Out or product purchases as needed.


  • High school graduate or GED

  • Must have a love for working with dogs!

  • Force free, positive training mindset essential

  • Excellent oral communication skills

  • Previous work experience demonstrating dependability

  • Self-motivated, independent worker

  • Proven ability to follow instructions and learn new things

  • Ability to work successfully in a team environment

  • Demonstrated flexibility and proven coping skills

  • Must be able to lift/carry over 25 lbs.

  • This is a physical role that requires standing, bending, and walking throughout the shift. 

  • Previous work experience providing animal care is preferred but not required

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