My Burger Twin Cities is hiring quality, professional, cooks!
Minneapolis Area, MN
Part Time

My Burger in the Twin Cities is looking for full time / part time cooks!  Tons of room for growth within the company!

Job Responsibilities:

-Positions include: Grill, Shakes/Malt preparation, Fryers, and Toppings.
-We are always looking for skilled potential Kitchen Managers to bring into our kitchens!
-Must be willing to do dishes as we are a team and everyone does their part!
-Must be able to follow the direction of the Kitchen Manager, Shift Supervisor, or Restaurant Manager including but not limited to; prep, cleaning tasks, closing duties, cooking specs, and store organization.
-Starting pay from $12.00/hr-$15.00 (including tips) depending on experience.


We are a family owned burger joint based out of Minneapolis.  We have 5 locations and a food truck, but we aren't stopping there.  We are looking to add quality talent that can grow with us.  Nearly all of our GMs and AGMs have been promoted from an hourly position.  No joke.  We reward results and hard work!   Are you the next one?  Apply now!

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