Zoo Animal Medicine Residency-Extended deadline 11/16/2022 due to change in 2023 match withdrawal date

Chicago, IL
Full Time

Zoo Animal Medicine Residency

     This three-year residency is focused on exotic animal medicine in an urban zoo setting.  It is compliant with expectations of the American College of Zoological Medicine (ACZM) and European College of Zoological Medicine (Zoo Health Management).  The residency is supervised by two board-certified veterinarians, and supported by four veterinary technicians, and a hospital keeper/veterinary assistant and pre-veterinary intern.   The clinical training and literature guidance are designed to prepare the resident as eligible for ACZM and ECZM certification and competent as an entry-level zoo clinician.


     The ~700 animal, ~220 species population has hoofed animals, megavertebrates, marine mammals, carnivores, non-human primates, birds, herptiles, fish, and invertebrates. The resident is supervised, but primarily responsible, for veterinary procedures and records throughout their program.  Increasing independence is expected with each year completed.  With advancing program status, the resident additionally will focus on nutrition, departmental procedural coordination, and shipment and quarantine procedures.   Pathology includes a dedicated four (4) week rotation and coordinated on-site participation with University of Illinois Zoological Pathology Program which provides ACVP service to zoos and aquariums based in Chicago.


     Per ACZM and ECZM guidelines, the resident will have scholarly opportunities to complete their original research project for board-certification.  Additional publications are expected that utilize historic and prospective case availability and ongoing conservation and science projects supported by the institution.  The resident will guide veterinary students during their preceptorship rotations and participate in institutional teaching and presentations.  The resident will complete a graduate-level medical biostatistics course.  Other advanced academic courses or pursuit of a graduate degree will be coordinated with interested residents.  Resident will be funded to attend AAZV or similar national conference at least once during their program, one-time attendance of an ACZM preparatory course, and off-site travel for rotations with board-certified colleagues. Conference presentations or posters will be expected during the residency. 

      The position starts in July 2023 with annual re-appointment for a maximum of three (3) years based on annual performance. Residents will be employed by Lincoln Park Zoo with starting compensation of $55,000/yr and benefits in accordance with the salaried position.


     Applicants must hold a DVM from an AVMA accredited program, or have a degree and examination combination that permits licensure in Illinois; this license is required before the residency begins.  At start of the residency, applicants should have minimally completed a one-year internship or equivalent practice experience. Federal accreditation will be obtained once resident is established in the program. 


     Informational queries can be made to Kathryn C. Gamble DVM, MS, Dipl. ACZM, Dip. ECZM (ZHM) (kgamble@lpzoo.org), but on-site tours will not be available.  Application includes a letter of intent, application form, C.V., original veterinary school transcripts, and three (3) letters of professional recommendation. All materials are to be submitted through Hireology  with emailed application intent to kgamble@lpzoo.org.


Incomplete applications at the deadline (16 November 2022) will not be considered for this position.

EXTENDED DEADLINE 16 NOVEMBER 2022 due to change in 2023 match withdrawal date.


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