Hospice Volunteer

Roseville, MN

If you are looking to share your talents and gifts by volunteering, Interim Hospice is looking for you.  Interim Hospice has wonderful volunteer opportunities available and we are recruiting for all positions.  

 A Patient Companion Volunteer provides companionship to a patient in the final months, weeks and/or days of life, offering support to family members and caregivers alike.  The Patient Companion has the opportunity to provide care, kindness, laughter, companionship and connection to their Patient.  As a Patient Companion Volunteer, you can go for walks, listen to music, discuss life, read and/or write letters for the patient.  The opportunities are endless, only bound by your imagination.    Help make a difference in a Hospice Patient's life and become a Patient Companion. 

Vigil Volunteers provide our patients and their caregivers/family with support during their final hours. Volunteers may provide companionship by simply being present with the patient who is dying or by providing support to family members who need a break from the bedside of their loved one.  Vigil Volunteers are vital to our hospice program, as no one should die alone.

 The Veteran-to-Veteran Volunteer position is essential as Veteran Volunteers have the unique ability to relate and connect with Hospice Patients who are also Veterans.  Veteran Volunteers can create an environment where life review and healing may occur.  If you are searching for an avenue to support Veterans and provide companionship and a deep level of understanding and you are a Veteran, Interim Hospice is an organization looking for you.  

Administrative Volunteer A vital component of our hospice team is our Administrative volunteers.   Administrative volunteers assist with light clerical work, data entry, helping with other projects.   

Pet Therapy Volunteer Teams, Pet’s bring out the best in us.  Interim Hospice is lucky to have several Pet Therapy Teams to provide visits to our Hospice Patients.  If you and your pet, (dog, cat, goat, rabbit) are certified to provide pet therapy visits we are looking for you.  95% of our patients request a pet therapy team visit.

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If you have questions, please contact hr@interimhcmn.com