Software Developer Intermediate
Baton Rouge, LA
Full Time

This position is for candidates residing in the US and with Permanent Residence or Citizenship Only. We are only interested in candidates who can work in Baton Rouge, LA and not remotely. You should have at least 2 year experieince working for a Software Company that will be a reference.

If you have at least a 2-3 year experience working in a software developer role, love programming such that you actively read and research ways to improve code and want to work in cutting edge technologies,then this may be the job made for you.

We are looking for a developer who believes in designing proper software by writing and clarifying design first and not hurrying into writing code. Therefore should not be afraid to write code logic and draw screens on paper first – (you will be doing more of this than writing code in this position.) 

You should have a degree or/and relevant certifications from a reputable institute. You should be able to work independently and deliver results on schedule. You should have team skills to collaborate and lead, and share knowledge with others.

The candidate shall have a demonstrable past record of successful project completion (with project examples and references for each project) and must not have switched jobs every 2 years or less. The candidate should be interested in a long-term stable career to grow with our company.

We offer a highly competitive salary, bonuses for exceptional performance, opportunity to travel and work flex hours and a great team environment that works with cutting edge futuristic technologies such as WinUI, .NetCore, ML, IoT, HoloLens etc.


Skills needed for this position:

Good knowledge of C#, XAML, Linq, SQL.

Knowledge of ASP.NET, Xamarin, GIS, Mobile development, WCF, WPF will be a bonus.

Good understanding of Software frameworks such as MVC and MVVM with be expected.

We work primarily in Microsoft UWP and MVC environment. Therefore past experience with WPF, WebAPI, MVC will be required.  Expert knowledge of Microsoft development tools is expected. Successfully completed projects in UWP, WPF or Xamarin will get bonus consideration.

PS: If you have never worked with XAML, don’t know what UWP or WPF is, this position will not be a fit.

We will conduct technical testing both written and in-person before hiring.

Salary: Negotiable

Role: Software Developer

Employment Type: Permanent Job, Full Time


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