Chief Operations Officer

Berea, KY
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Chief Operations Officer

Berea, KY


Chief Operations Officer

Fahe is creating thriving Appalachian Communities. Join our growing team working to increase opportunity and investment in our underserved communities! Our unique collaborative model connects a Network of local, regional, and national leaders, all working together to ensure no community is left behind. Since our inception in 1980, Fahe has invested over $1.91B generating $1.76B in finance.  This investment was channeled through our Members and community partners, directly changing the lives of nearly 950,000 people. 


Job Summary:

The Chief Operations Officer (COO) serves on the Executive Leadership Team with the authority to make decisions across the corporation, including addressing cross-departmental issues and interpreting policies set by the Board of Directors. This position directly oversees and optimizes day-to-day organizational operations.

Working closely with the President and executive leadership team, the COO plays a critical role in driving operational excellence, efficiency, and strategic growth. Responsibilities include overseeing the design, enhancement, implementation, reporting, and oversight of operations, Kentucky programs, information systems/technology, facilities, and compliance. Reporting to Fahe’s President, the COO will strategically establish, implement, and oversee all of Fahe’s systems, processes, workflows, and procedures in a way that provides standardization and efficiency across departments. 

In recent years, Fahe has undergone exponential and steady growth in a sustainable fashion. The ideal candidate is a strategic leader adept at navigating and optimizing our growth trajectory, helping Fahe to continue growing in a positive fashion through their ability to proactively identify and resolve issues, cultivate opportunities, and create systems that enable greater efficiencies. 

The COO is responsible for managing the overall quality and efficiency of operations, ensuring Fahe consistently delivers outstanding, efficient, and Member-focused service.


Essential Duties and Functions:

  • Represents Fahe in the most positive manner with prospective, former and current Members, clients, suppliers and the community we serve. Interacts effectively with a diverse group of staff and customers of our services.
  • Handles confidential information with tact and discretion.
  • Serves as a Corporate Officer to the Fahe Board of Directors. Attend all Board Meetings and perform as a Vice President.
  • Serves as member of Executive Team, participating in the creation of organizational strategy and responsible for organizational execution.
  • With the President and Executive Team, establishes a budget and goals, and guides the successful execution of an annual workplan and completes follow-up as part of the iterative process.
  • Provides oversight to HR, Operations, strategic planning and goal setting, and IT.
  • Applies acquired expertise to analyze and solve problems without clear precedent
  • Develops and maintains positive working relationships with peers, functional leaders and other stakeholders.
  • Coordinates and collaborates with cross-functional leaders to make recommendations and solve problems.
  • Recommends new policies and procedures, assisting with the creation/revision as needed.
  • Active member of Management Team, providing status updates when required and actively participate in team meetings or projects.


Requirements for this position include:

  • Leads the Executive and Management Teams through a yearly process to establish a budget and goals, and guides the successful execution of an annual work plan to operationalize the plan.
  • Coordinates annual operational dashboard for Executive leadership and the Board. Responsible for tracking and challenging monthly, quarterly, and annual progress.
  • Strategic Planning:  Collaborates with the President and other executives to develop and implement the company’s strategic plans and objectives.
  • Operational Oversight: Leads and manages the daily operations of the business, ensuring efficient and effective processes across all departments.
  • Resource Management: Manages resources, including personnel, budget, and technology to meet organizational goals and objectives.
  • Process Improvement: Identifies opportunities for operational improvement and implements strategies to enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality.
  • Risk Management: Assesses and mitigates risks associated with operations, including compliance, financial, and regulatory risks.
  • Team Leadership: Provides leadership and direction to various functional departments within the organization, fosters a collaborative and high-performance work culture.
  • Communication: Ensures effective communication both within the organization and externally, facilitates collaboration and transparency.
  • Vendor and Supplier Management: Oversees relationships with external partners, vendors, and suppliers to ensure the smooth functioning of the corporation.
  • Technology integration: Identifies and implements technology solutions to streamline operations and enhance overall business performance.
  • Compliance: Ensures that the company complies with all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.
  • Budgeting and Financial Management: Collaborates with the finance department to develop and manage budgets, ensuring financial sustainability and efficiency.
  • Crisis Management: Develops and implements business continuity plans to address unexpected challenges or disruptions in operations.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Identifies and cultivates strategic partnerships that contribute to the company’s growth and success.
  • Reporting to the President: Provides regular updates and reports to the President on the status of operations and key performance metrics.
  • Applies acquired expertise to analyze and solve problems without clear precedent.
  • Assists in Caucus meeting activities as needed
  • Performs other functions as necessary or needed


Preferred Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University/Institute and possesses requisite experience in HR frameworks, financial management, marketing and operations 
  • 10+ years of experience in related field. Strong human capital management knowledge


For the past seven years, our staff nominated Fahe as one of the top 100 Best Places to Work in Kentucky. Fahe is an Equal Opportunity Employer seeking applicants who can bring diverse viewpoints, experience, talents, and culture to promote our organization’s mission of building the American Dream. We offer a diverse work environment with competitive salaries and excellent benefits. Visit to learn more about Fahe.

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