Window Cleaner in Calgary Central / NE
Calgary, AB
Full Time

Over the last 45+ years, we have been a place where potentials are realized every day. We are looking for hard working, enthusiastic individuals who want to gain some experience in full-time, hourly summer/fall jobs.

Elements of the position include:

  • Fast paced, fun environment
  • Skill development with customer service, communication and some selling skill
  • Opportunities for advancement both this summer as well as future summers
  • Full-time beginning in August through September/October
  • Working with friends is encouraged, so apply together if you wish

Positions Available:

  • Window Cleaning Technician: This role is a fun and challenging position that is ideal for someone wanting to get hands-on work experience and make money over the summer. The ideal individual is hard working, coachable, and has effective communication skills. This role will involve both physical window cleaning as well as other marketing and customer-service duties in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. Experience is an asset!

Qualifications & Benefits:

  • Able to work full-time throughout the summer (32-40 hours/week).
  • Must have transportation to and from work (job site locations may change daily) 
  • Starting pay rate will depend on your location and experience.  
  • We will be connecting with candidates we are interested in over the next few weeks. If interested in learning more about what we do apply here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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