Air Duct Cleaning Technician

Merrillville, IN
Full Time


Job Description:

Cleaning of HVAC systems including dryer vents in residential and commercial buildings. Air Duct Cleaning Technicians must be able to analyze each unique HVAC systems to determine the best approach to maximize cleaning effectiveness. Successful technicians are skilled in the technical cleaning aspects of the process, able to effectively communicate the cleaning process,  and also are able to promote other services offered by AmeriClean.

Essential Functions

  • Analyze the HVAC system within a structure and develop an appropriate cleaning plan
  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Make system improvement and maintenance suggestions pertaining to the HVAC system to the customer
  • Quote cleaning prices for residential and commercial HVAC cleaning projects
  • Be able to effectively sell additional duct cleaning services and other services offered by the Company
  • Increase direct revenue by selling related services. i.e.) dryer vent cleaning
  • Increase indirect revenue by selling additional services i.e.) carpet cleaning
  • Maintain your assigned vehicle from a mechanical and cleanliness standpoint
  • Complete daily paperwork in a timely manner and submit for billing
  • Bring suggestions for service improvements and new service opportunities to your supervisor



   Ability to communicate verbally and in writing

   Ability to give creative solutions to meet customer needs

   Ability to analyze HVAC systems and develop a cleaning plan best suited to

      the system’s needs

   Manage difficult or emotional customer situations; solicit feedback from


   Work with others as a functional team member

   Adhere to company policies, manuals and procedures



    Required to stand, walk and sit for extended periods

    Must frequently lift and/or move fifty pounds or greater

    Must occasionally work in confined spaces

    Must occasionally work in heights of ten feet or more



- Medical, Dental, Vision and Life

- 401K

- Paid Holidays

- Paid Vacation

- Performance Pay Bonuses


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