Software Developer

Baton Rouge, LA
Full Time


Great opportunity to work with and learn with a team that has lots of fun, while developing cutting edge technology and doing good for the society.

365LABs  is one of the 20 FASTEST growing software companies in USA and located right here in Louisiana. We build solutions and systems that are used by public safety agencies, military and first responders. Our Engineers work on technologies like autonomous drone flights, HoloLens programming and Next Gen Applications in C# and. NetCore.

Here's what's required of You: A passion for solving problems, sound programming fundamentals, knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio, C# and readiness to learn new skills.

You will be encouraged to come up with new ideas and apply your ideas to independently develop products and features. Your work will have a great impact not just on the company but safety of people all over the world. A can-do attitude and ability to independently learn will be go a long way.  Candidates with Full Stack experience or with high GPA will be given a preference.

 Skills needed to do this job:

  • Good knowledge of C#, SQL.

  • Good understanding of software frameworks such as MVC and MVVM.


A College degree in Computer Science, or Math/Physics/Engineering is required.


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